Worst Warehouse Nightmares •
Worst Warehouse Nightmares

We asked customers, 'what's your

Worst Warehouse Nightmare?'

Some kept their story clean, like Perimeter Global Logistics (PGL) – a 3PL serving Spirit Halloween. Others shared fears and carnage of life without Deposco. Pick your poison; we’ve got all the tales – From good to ghastly!

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Smell Defeat

Give me something good to read.

Peak season can smell fear. No one gets out unscathed. But, this guide can get you very close!

Download strategies across 5 risk areas that directly impact profitability in your warehouse: Labor, Supplier Management, Order Accuracy, 3PL Collaboration, and Future Tech Planning.

Ghastly Scenarios
Life Without Deposco
Nightmare # 1

Friday The 13th

Business Type

Third-Party Logistics


It’s the Vorhees of customer service. You’re hired to nurture customers with new options, but inflexible systems keep haunting you.

Nightmare # 2


Business Type



Ghosted by your WMS and your partner! Implementation ghouls, system instability, and freaky labor problems – Don’t get caught busting problems alone!

Nightmare # 3


Business Type



All work and no WMS. Makes you behind for days, paralyzed in front of stacks of paper. See how they keep their one promise made to customers.

Nightmare # 4


Business Type

Third-Party Logistics


“Import, import, import, import…” If your system can’t bring in orders, it summons all sorts of customer service monsters. See how Relentless fixed it.


“The nightmare scenario is you have promised customers a whole bunch of orders to arrive by a certain date and there are more orders to be shipped than people or time to ship them.”

Adam Block
Vinyl Me, Please

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