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Deposco lifts weight by building a stronger fulfillment network for Titan Distributors

Reduction in order processing time
Increase in sales in every state
Increase in annual shipment volume
Titan Distributors
Collierville, TN
Business type
Metal Ramps and Fitness Equipment


Titan Distributors specializes in the sales of commercial fitness equipment, ramps, and various outdoor items. Maximizing out at 128k orders a year due to insufficient functionality in their WMS system, Titian was unable to grow.

Titan faced a lack of special handling regulations for large products. Lacking visibility, pickups, and returns had no rules resulting in unmanageable logistics and an inability to implement new methods.

Onboarding new employees lacked an efficient process, resulting in high error rates. Eagerly wanting to get a handle on their freight, consisting of both B2B and B2C orders, the paper-based legacy system and processes were not going to help them achieve their goals of growth in both the SKU count and geographic expansion.

"Our cloud-connected warehouses have enabled us to perfect our distribution of extra-large equipment and heavy items at a cost-effectiveness that enables us to grow to new segments of industry."


Titan implemented Deposco’s WMS and DOM solutions, allowing them to rapidly deploy new warehouses and intelligently fulfill orders across their network. These solutions enabled Titian to become an Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) merchant. As well as add 15+ new shipping carriers with a multi-carrier shopping rate reducing their shipping costs.

Optimized warehouse technology eliminated the need for employees to physically segment inventory by sales channels, vastly improving warehouse space utilization Titan is now able to add new SKU’s and product lines thanks to the visibility Deposco has been able to provide. New employee onboarding has significantly decreased in time and error rate due to an easy-to-use and intuitive WMS system.

By becoming an SFP merchant, Titan saw an average sales lift of 100% in each US state within the first month of offering Prime. The integration capabilities of Deposco were able to increase the customer experience by allowing customers to view their order information and status.

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