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The Daily Grace Co. finds the answer to their prayers for their tremendous growth

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The Daily Grace Co. is an e-commerce seller of gospel-centered resources. They started out like most small businesses looking for a low-cost technology to sustain the day-to-day. Two inventory tracking systems combined couldn’t keep pace with their top-line revenue, which was doubling every year.

Ep. 5: Deposco’s Warehouse Managing System Grows The Daily Grace

Episode 5 of Bright Perspective kicks off a new series: The Supply Chain Diaries: WMS Edition, where we will be speaking with leaders in the supply chain about their warehouse managing system (WMS) buying journey. Today’s guest is The Daily Grace Co., an ecommerce seller of gospel-centered resources, to discuss the tremendous growth they have experienced as a result of implementing Deposco’s WMS for ecommerce.

Before Deposco, the team had to put manual tickets into bins and do physical quality control checks on every order. A dedicated role would research shipping rates for every single order before it could ship. Orders went missing frequently because their two legacy systems could not communicate well with Shopify. The team was losing revenue and maxing out at 1,000 orders a day. It was time for a WMS.

Deposco has helped us immensely by putting our picking and shipping under one umbrella. The impact of SkuVault and ShipStation not talking to Shopify, and having to take all of the products out of bins to check them, was too much. At the end of the day, our accuracy was failing due to too many hands in the cookie jar.


They had three main goals:

  1. Reduce human errors by automating quality control and rate shopping,
  2. Consolidate fulfillment into one system, and
  3. Expand into multiple warehouses and eCommerce marketplaces.

Their trusted partner logistics partner recommended Deposco’s solution, which brought modern warehouse management, automated rate shopping, binning, and scan validation. The scalability of Deposco’s WMS has allowed The Daily Grace Co. time and resources to begin expanding warehouses across the country and into international fulfillment options.

Success stories


"I am not sure what I will need from a WMS five years from now, but seeing the type of companies that work with Deposco, I am confident that Deposco will outlive my tenure at Gunner."
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