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RestorixHealth innovates their supply chain with planning and fulfillment solution

Inventory accuracy
Increase in planning team efficiency
Fewer stockouts


RestorixHealth is the leading developer and operator of advanced wound healing centers and direct care services. The company was using manual processes and paper-based picking for their warehouse through BrightPearl, which lacked KPI tracking and reporting. Through a warehouse assessment by our logistics partner, RestorixHealth selected Deposco’s WMS for its extensive reporting capabilities and the feeling of having a true partner.

Our team doesn’t have to worry about data integrity issues or communication problems with Deposco’s single-codebase platform. My team of planners now has more time to spend on more important things than fixing what should be automatic.


RestorixHealth became more efficient on Day One live with Deposco. Right away they saw inventory accuracy improve from 97% to 99.5%, and an increase in productivity and staff trackability. With a more efficient warehouse on the execution side, RestorixHealth decided to try Deposco on the supply chain planning side. Connecting their fulfillment operations to supply chain planning provides an end-to-end-solution with one source of truth. This allows for real-time updates enterprise-wide. Now RestorixHealth can continue to serve their customers with confidence, data accuracy, increased control, and improved efficiency across the organization.

Success stories


Gordon Companies
"The biggest reason why we chose Deposco was talking to other customers of Deposco, the references. And when they really said that they stress-tested the system and they found it didn’t blink; it could just process huge volumes of orders. That was a clear-cut homerun reason why we had to change."
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Consumer goods

Hourglass Cosmetics
"We signed with Deposco six months ago and we’ve been live for three months. You do the math on that!"
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Vinyl Me, Please
"It was a huge ask to complete our project on a compressed timeline and on budget. Deposco delivered, and they were transparent about meeting every milestone along the way."
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