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Relentless Fulfillment doubles sales and improves services for clients with varying needs

10-15 minutes
Billing time for customers per day
2x Increase
Sales Revenue YOY


Relentless Fulfillment is a 3PL based in Reno, Nevada with a focus on helping small businesses scale and grow. Working with customers in a variety of industries, the team needed a system that could accommodate varying requirements, such as custom billing and labeling options. 

Being able to offer more flexibility and options would grow revenue, but managing all the different variations – such as storing hazmat materials safely in the warehouse and shipping them with the proper warning labels – led to inefficiencies and service issues.

Deposco has been a great partner for our business, not only on the fulfillment side and the warehouse management system, but overall how to scale this business as well. Every customer has different storage needs or different SKU counts or different ways to process a product. Deposco definitely gives us a lot more flexibility and options in terms of how we can cater to that customer as well.


With Deposco, Relentless Fulfillment can provide more flexibility and options. Every customer has different needs and Deposco handles all these variations for them. For hazardous materials, Deposco is able to give shippers a warning on the system for specialty labels that need to be applied to those boxes to avoid fines. With Deposco’s vast pre-built supply chain integrations,the team can easily onboard customers within 2 weeks. Relentless Fulfillment has doubled sales since starting fulfillment on Deposco and continues to scale and grow while providing exceptional service. 

Success stories

Third-party logistics (3PL)

Left Brain Logistics
"The thing that really impressed me the most with Deposco is the level of attention and level of personal service that we got from them, starting with our sales representative, all the way through to today. I feel like they have a very vested interest in helping our business grow."
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Third-party logistics (3PL)

RIM Logistics
"Our team values the open relationship we have with the Deposco team, and their high level of commitment to create and maintain a partnership with us."
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Third-party logistics (3PL)

King Solutions
"Deposco liberated us from relying on a provider to onboard clients. We can now onboard our own clients while having the option for support. This has reduced onboarding time from multiple weeks to just days."
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