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Left Brain Logistics finds its other half in the Deposco team

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Left Brain Logistics is a third-party logistics company that specializes in working with growing entrepreneurs. One of the main issues the company was experiencing was finding a WMS solution partner that went much deeper than selling a piece of technology.

Prior to Deposco, they had a legacy system that was rigid, limiting the team to what was included in the box. Anytime the Left Brain Logistics team would reach out for assistance, they felt like the process was very transactional or that they were an inconvenience rather than a customer or partner.

Time and time again, they found themselves not being able to meet the needs of their customers. Once it got to the point where Left Brain Logistics had to turn away potential customers due to its system limitations, the team knew it was time for a more flexible solution built with their growth in mind.


The thing that really impressed me the most with Deposco is the level of attention and level of personal service that we got from them, starting with our sales representative, all the way through to today. I feel like they have a very vested interest in helping our business grow.


A collaborative relationship and flexible functionality were the two key elements that led Left Brain Logistics to select Deposco as their supply chain partner. They now have control over their own system, allowing the team to add features themselves, in addition to working with the Deposco team on specific functionality.

One of the key features in Deposco for 3PLs is the customer portal. The team at Left Brain Logistics is able to provide their customers with direct visibility and control of orders and shipments, giving the client more control and transparency. This helps keep its promise of collaboration and trust with their clients.

In addition, Left Brain Logistics’ IT team was able to leverage Deposco’s rules engine, allowing them to define specific criteria for order routing. This provided Left Brain Logistics a deeper level of control over their customer’s environments, which allows them to provide customizable solutions for each unique client in order to help them grow in the ways that they want to.

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