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E-commerce company partners with "top dog" Deposco to rapidly scale their business


Gunner mission is to build the safest, most durable kennel or the world’s best dog crate. “Every detail of this crate is designed and tested in real conditions, for the invested dog owner. Man’s best friend deserves man’s best kennel.” After implementing a direct-to-consumer (DTC) business model, Gunner started experiencing common pain points such as a lack of inventory visibility, labor inefficiency, and inability to get products out the door quickly. In order to reach their highest potential, Gunner needed a WMS that provided real-time inventory, kit-to-order shipping, and made them feel confident in their ability to tackle every new challenge that came their way. 

I am not sure what I will need from a WMS five years from now, but seeing the type of companies that work with Deposco, I am confident that Deposco will outlive my tenure at Gunner.


“We started our evaluation for new technology with a warehouse assessment by an industrial engineer. Our logistics partner has been a great for us, so when they recommended Deposco, we decided to explore further. In our fourth year of business, we couldn’t afford an enterprise price tag solution but we still needed functionality and flexibility. This was the biggest factor for us when deciding on a WMS. The functionality Deposco is able to provide for us has been awesome. A few of the key features we have benefited from include:

  • Customized minibars and charts
  • Easy-to-understand UI
  • Elimination of order splitting
  • Individual accountability tracking
  • Equally automated international and domestic orders
  • Flexible label naming for components in the backend
  • Instantaneous label generation

The fact that Deposco retains a single order header regardless of the status of the order is going to work much better with our systems.

Deposco educated us on best practices that we will continue to implement as we grow. Prior to Deposco, we never utilized barcoding and didn’t realize its importance. Our fulfillment process is based on the most economic method to fulfill. Kit-to-order currently allows us to achieve this goal. Deposco excels in kit-to-order compared to what we saw from other competitors in the same field. Deposco allows us to pick partial orders rather than voiding the orders if an item is back-ordered.

Deposco and our logistics partner have helped us set a solid foundation on our voyage to building an empire. Yesterday I was still manually typing international labels. Today with Deposco live, that process has been eliminated. Thank you, Deposco!”

Success stories


"We love the level of configurable function Deposco allows. Before our system was straight out of a box with no flexibility. Deposco allows us to tailor the system to how we want it."
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The Daily Grace
"Deposco has helped us immensely by putting our picking and shipping under one umbrella. The impact of SkuVault and ShipStation not talking to Shopify, and having to take all of the products out of bins to check them, was too much. At the end of the day, our accuracy was failing due to too many hands in the cookie jar."
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Total Life Changes
"We ship to over 140 countries and have been able to stay current in FDA and international shipping regulations. Deposco has been the partner that has connected TLC to the world in a warehouse perspective."
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