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Overview Inc. has been a leading distributor, innovator, and developer of airsoft training equipment. Wrought with regulations, Evike had to use a 20+ colored paper system (ex: red=hazardous, green=express shipping) to manually fill orders. Orders were received simultaneously through online marketplaces, the e-commerce store, and the brick-and-mortar store. This placed the employee in a stressful position to decide which order was the priority.

Pickers were wasting time when the bins they were sent to did not have enough product for an order, resulting in wandering the warehouse to try to find the product. The time pickers wasted was merited to having no visibility into remaining inventory outside of the pick-bins. Drowning in paper, Evike realized in order to advance their growth they would need more support from a larger team they could grow with and learn from.

"Deposco has brought organization and efficiency to our processes. We were able to go from 100% paper-based fulfillment process to eliminating paper completely! This has been an amazing stress reliever for our team!"


During the process of researching warehouse management system, Evike consulted with UPS, a strong partner of theirs, for input. This relationship and the prospect of having a similar strong partner in WMS was a key reason for selecting Deposco.

Overnight after implementing Deposco, Evike was able to pick all orders on handheld devices. Paper processes were completely eliminated. This was due to Deposco’s wave building for Evike’s many compliance regulations.

Deposco is able to help identify which orders take priority in real-time, including pre-orders and custom repair orders, Evike now has full inventory visibility including outside of pick bins. Deposco also established warehouse operational efficiencies by implementing a replenishment process to operate before ever sending a picker to an empty or low quantity location.

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