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Drive Fulfillment improves customer experience and transparency with Deposco

New-client onboarding from weeks to days
Reporting and dashboards
Visibility with client portal


Drive Fulfillment is a third-party logistics provider (3PL) that provides everything from standard services to custom offerings for their clients. Before Deposco, their fulfillment teams were using 3 separate systems to try to get a clear picture of warehouse management operations. 


One of the biggest challenges they faced was providing client visibility and measuring daily performance in the warehouse. Tremendous growth led Drive Fulfillment to expand into a larger warehouse.  They brought in their trusted partner UPS for a warehouse evaluation. One of the outcomes from this assessment was a recommendation for a new WMS system with Deposco to bring all their operations onto one platform. 


The number-one reason I’d recommend Deposco is for transparency. The real-time tracking of inventory,  shipments, and everything in between has made all of our jobs, including customer service,  far easier. And the more time we can spend on strategy, vs. simply answering questions and shutting down one-off requests, the faster we can grow. 


Drive Fulfillment selected Deposco based on their real-time client portal and the vast integrations offered, as well as the open API. 

Moving to Deposco, the team has been able to create custom reporting and dashboards for clients and their team, enabling more strategic decisions to happen faster. Getting a new client fully functioning on the system used to take weeks, and now takes only a few days. 

Not only has Drive Fulfillment found a system that has improved transparency with their clients but also a partner they can grow with as they expand across the country.

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