Central Vacuum Stores cleans up their warehouse operations with Deposco

Increase in orders picked per hour
Decrease in order fulfillment time
More SKUs than before Deposco


Central Vacuum Stores knew how to adapt. From its roots as a local vacuum cleaner store to a global multi-channel parts provider online, the family-owned business has added technology with the changing customer needs.

Using their ERP for inventory, visibility was an issue. There was no logical slotting or location barcoding within the warehouse so everyone in the company had to memorize where the inventory was located. This limited the company in stocking all the items they wanted since there was no effective way to manage them.

Recognizing major warehouse efficiencies they were dealing with every day such as Inventory visibility, operational efficiency, space utilization, and stock management.

"We couldn’t trust any of our stock levels in the ERP. Now that we have a functioning WMS, inbound, outbound and customer service teams do not need to spend time searching the warehouse to check inventory; they just look in Deposco."


Deposco was able to serve as a catalyst for improved processes in all the major efficiency areas. Furthermore, with its flexibility, Central Vacuum Stores would be able to scale within the Deposco platform and tailor the application to their specific needs.

Now with an organized slotted warehouse, Central Vacuum Stores can take the next step from management to planning for inventory. Within Deposco they can see items they are cross-docking or drop shipping too often and adjust their reorder points based on items they should be stocking.

Deposco was also able to reduce the time it took their purchasing team to place an order. Before it would take a resource all day (a 12 hour day) to manually place orders. With Deposco’s automated replenishment process, purchasing time has been cut to a 1-2 hour task allowing the team to work an 8-hour day instead of 12.


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