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Deposco’s cloud-based supply chain applications help drive revenue growth, improve service levels, and reduce operational costs for retailers, distributors, 3PLs & brand companies. Bright Warehouse streamlines warehouse operations by optimizing processes such as putaway, picking, packing, shipping, and returns.

  • Reduce fulfillment costs
  • Real-time inventory visibility across all channels
  • Simplify reverse logistics (returns)
  • Increase order throughput and accuracy
  • Quickly integrate or support new channels of business

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+ 90%
Increase in
topline growth
+ 63%
Increase in
shipping volume YoY
+ 99%
Order and
inventory accuracy

"We love the level of configurable function Deposco allows. Before our system was straight out of a box with no flexibility. Deposco allows us to tailor the system to how we want it."

Get orders out the door faster

Implementing the latest technology and best practices for your fulfillment can result in increased sales, faster fulfillment, and savings in time and operational costs. Bright Warehouse uses waved or waveless strategies based on order priorities, size, and your business’s needs. Let us help you establish a process for your team to work faster and get more orders out the door!

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Connect your network

Tired of logging into multiple systems to achieve one task? See the big picture by viewing inventory across all channels in one location. Bright Warehouse provides enterprise-level inventory management with inbound and outbound visibility. Integrated with Bright Socket,  view real-time inventory updates across multiple channels. With over 100+ prebuilt integrations it’s easy to manage everything in one place.

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Top three challenges retailers face in their operations and how to eliminate them

86% of buyers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience and 65% believe a positive experience (with a brand) is more influential than great advertising. However, creating a memorable customer experience is not as seamless as it appears. The little details such as including a personalized card with every order or having a sales representative place an order online (for you) while in-store only becomes a reality due to omnichannel operation processes.

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