MODEX 2022

Mar 28, 2022 - Mar 31, 2022

Georgia World Congress Center

285 Andrew Young International Blvd, NW

Atlanta, GA

United States


About the event

Learn from the industry’s best minds how key industry trends and innovations can transform your manufacturing and supply chain operations during 100+ free education sessions. Connect with over 900 of the leading providers and see in-person, in-action how their efficiency-enhancing and cost-cutting equipment and technology solutions can futureproof your supply chain.

Modex is back, and Deposco is ready to help you get growing in 2022. It’s the only solution that provides actionable insight into both your supply chain and the broader marketplace – so you’ve got what you need when it’s grow time. Meet with our team at Modex 2022 to learn why over 3,000 of the world’s fastest growing 3PLs, manufacturing, ecommerce and DTC businesses rely on Deposco.

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This event has ended.

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Featured Seminar

The 3 R’s of Labor Management that Speed Growth

Monday, March 28th, 10:30 - 11:15am
Theater 1 - Expo Hall

Warehouse labor is expensive to find and hard to keep. With customers demanding an easy, flawless omnichannel fulfillment experience, how do you protect your commitments and grow your business—when the future of your CX is in the hands of people who may or may not be there from one day to the next?

In this seminar, see what high-growth companies are doing to alleviate the impact of labor and other customer-facing problems that put long-term growth out of reach. Join us for valuable strategies and technologies that will future-proof your labor management plan based on The 3 R’s:

  • Readiness – steps to mitigate the CX impact of disruptions like turnover, no shows, seasonal stress, walk-outs, performance, and new-staff onboarding
  • Retention – incentive programs and easy-to-use tools that improve job satisfaction on the floor, while lowering your overall cost to employ
  • Reach – new and innovative solutions to squeeze more from those high wages you pay; quickly dial up order volume and dial down errors, without growing headcount

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