Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) Trends & Sales Impact

According to a recent DTC Market report, sales from Direct-to-Consumer could contribute 50% of your overall revenue in the next 3 years. What DTC fulfillment trends, opportunities, and strategies does your business need to create a positive impact when selling directly to consumers?

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What is DTC’s impact on your industry?

Across all industries, 50% of the organizations surveyed predict that more than half of their sales will come from DTC in the next 3 years. Whether it’s opening up new channels, new routes to market, or expanding current capabilities, the evidence shows that organizations like yours see a bright future for selling directly to consumers.

Breaking things down by industry, the biggest expected rise will happen in DTC ecommerce, 53% of whose leaders predict DTC to contribute more than one-quarter of their overall sales – compared to just 29% of the sample reporting the same now. DTC in 3PL (third-party logistics) is also predicting a rise in returns from these new channels, with 38% reporting more than a quarter of overall sales currently coming from DTC, rising to 62% in the next few years.

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The Rise of Direct-to-Consumer

The past few years have shown that confidence is rising in DTC as a growing channel of opportunity. But opportunity brings about challenges if the business’s fulfillment technology is not ready for the unfamiliar workflows, volumes, technical, and integration complexities of the lucrative model.

The Rise of Direct-to-Consumer
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The Rise of Direct-to-Consumer
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