It’s Valentine’s Day and we have some sweet news for you! We just heard that the editors at Softwareworld added Deposco to their List of Top 10 Warehouse Management System Software (WMS) 2023!

The refreshed 2023 listing includes our Bright Warehouse, our best-of-breed warehouse management system application.

Perhaps we’re a little bias. But we think this position is well deserved!

In case you are currently evaluating WMS software, we thought we’d invite you to take a peek. Deposco Bright Warehouse is a modern WMS software platform that delivers operational excellence through the ability to:

  • Access real-time inventory visibility (zero lag)
  • Strategically fulfill high volumes of orders in under 24 hours
  • Establish a fluid process for automated picking
  • Optimize retail labeling and palletization
  • Ensure +99% order accuracy, even in complex multichannel or multi-location operations
  • Quickly add order management system and DOM capabilities to grow your business without expensive consulting engagements or IT resources

Want to learn more? Explore our warehouse management system, part of our Bright Suite of omnichannel fulfillment supply chain applications, right now.

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