“Make hay while the sun shines,” so the saying goes. If you’re a third-party logistics (3PL) business, the sun is out in full force! Let’s look the top 4 strategies used by fast-growing 3PL fulfillment companies to take advantage of a strong market right now.

3PL market size in the U.S.

The U.S. has the fastest-growing 3PL market, having exceeded USD $1 trillion in 2019. Now since the pandemic, that figure is estimated to grow 9% compounded annually between 2020 and 2026. 

This explosive growth is attributed to the rising trend of globalization. In response to global supply chain disruptions, many companies decided to outsource their logistics to third-party providers (often domestic) who may be less impacted and more reliable. 

Great news for you

Rapid market growth means rapid growth for you! Now let’s see if your 3PL fulfillment company can handle it. Better yet, can your competitors handle it—or is now your time to use their operational weaknesses to your advantage? 

With so much competition, how can you differentiate your business to capitalize on massive growth opportunities? 

How 3PL fulfillment companies add value and grow fast

Through our extensive work and research with customers, we’ve found the most successful 3PL fulfillment companies all share these as their top 4 focus areas that have added value for clients and grown their business quickly:

  1. Scalability: modern, flexible technology attracts more clients
  2. Quality Customer Service: clients pay more for security, speed & convenience
  3. Sense of Control: ability to offer fast solutions to unexpected challenges
  4. Make it Easy: use integrations to speed onboarding, cut costs & enable desirable services like seamless order tracking & billing

Example: integrated billing and fulfillment solutions pay off for 3PL, ESM

Watch Video: How ESM Fulfillment is using automated 3PL billing to fuel growth

Offering a variety of billing options will increase your market appeal for multiple business types—this is especially true with the rise of omnichannel businesses. Today we’re seeing many third-party logistics companies operating under multiple business types. Some of your clients may prefer billing on a percentage-based system rather than per item, for example. Giving them both 3PL billing options is a huge advantage. 

It’s grow time with 3PL fulfillment solutions

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