96% of 3PL providers and 92% of 3PL users agree that supply chains are evolving from linear chains to complex networks. In fact, 3PL’s offering omnichannel fulfillment were 271% more likely to experience exponential growth. By developing a more multi-channel fulfillment strategy, 3PLs must offer specific features to provide an optimal customer experience. Here are three of the TOP omnichannel fulfillment features 3PLs customers are loving!

Billing flexibility

3PL billing allows for multiple billing options associated with value-added services such as picking, shipping, storage, and even customized touches. With the rise of omnichannel businesses and many 3PLs operating under multiple business types, offering one standard billing method is no longer applicable.

Offering a variety of billing options increases the 3PL appeal for multiple business types. For example, many businesses prefer charging on a percentage-based system rather than per item, therefore, offering the ability to do both billing types is a huge advantage. Faster invoices are another benefit to a flexible system. Rather than exporting all the data into excel and dicing the numbers based on that client’s billing method an omnichannel fulfillment system with features for 3PLs designed for this can do all of that for you automatically saving you time and creating a more accurate report.

Data dashboards

Providing data on not only all billing tasks, but also on sales, and inventory levels is essential. In fact, in a 2021 study of logistics professionals, 62% placed emphasis on data and analytics. Data analytics dashboards not only aid 3PLs in forecasting but they provide real-time visibility and real-time insight on productivity. The ability to create these dashboards automatically for each customer saves your team time and it builds clients’ trust due to the transparency provided.

Client accessibility

Client accessibility is one of the omnichannel fulfillment features 3PLs see as a huge WIN. Enabling clients to view dashboards, inventory levels, and billing information in real-time is major! Access should always be uncomplicated. Deposco provides all the above-listed services and allows its 3PL clients to access their dashboards on any device with no application installation required. Talk about easy!