SHIPMAX, a business consulting and services business focused on global shipping, IT, and warehousing, has announced a strategic partnership with Deposco, a US-based provider of omnichannel fulfillment supply chain software applications that enable fast-growing companies to rapidly scale their warehouse management and order management system operations.

Customers will benefit from invaluable carrier benchmarking analysis and insights with warm introductions to specialist providers, extending the additional value delivered and complementing the Deposco software platform. 

Deposco and SHIPMAX will partner with their clients to secure continuous operational and commercial improvements across their supply chains.

“The expertise SHIPMAX brings to the table is invaluable to rapid-growth ecommerce, retail brands, and 3PL businesses. They will assist our clients to navigate supply chain hurdles and mitigate rising costs across the region,” said Duncan Mack, Vice President of Alliances, Europe. “Our joint customers will benefit from our combined strengths as partners, providing business consulting, advice, and technology solutions to solve their most pressing fulfillment challenges.”

With decades of experience solving shipping, IT, and warehousing-related issues for ecommerce sellers, brands, parcel carriers, freight forwarders, and 3PLs, SHIPMAX works with customers to provide clarity and take the pain out of complicated UK and global trading. 

Combining forces aligns SHIPMAX’s expertise and business focus with Deposco’s warehouse management software (WMS) and integrated order management software (OMS) to provide customers with rapid and transformative operational improvements and cost savings.

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“Since our initial discussions, I have been consistently impressed by the Deposco platform and leadership teams in the UK and the US,” said Phil Rees, Founder of SHIPMAX. “I am confident in our ability to support Deposco’s ambitions to scale in the EMEA region and super-excited to be forming a team to support their mission. The Deposco brand statement is “It’s Grow Time™” which sums up what this partnership is all about nicely.”

You can learn more about Deposco’s Bright Suite platform on their website at

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