We recently published our second annual Peak Season 2023 report, commissioned with Industry Dive, to give businesses a checkpoint on whether their supply chain performance is meeting their expectations for this season. More importantly, how are they setting themselves up for success in future peak seasons (and all year long)?

How is your peak going so far? What can you learn from your peers? Grab the report here:

“Navigating Peak Season 2023: Supply Chain Leaders’ Top Strategies and Priorities”

View the FULL North American report

View the FULL European peak season report

Going a bit deeper

Report findings in both North America and Europe show an interesting shift: growth-oriented businesses are attacking uncertainties with technologies that deliver simplicity, accelerated value, and resiliency to their supply chains. Namely, these strategies are targeting:

  1. The labor crunch: Hiring is fading out of focus for supply chain executives this year while digital upskilling, automation, and retention become the new workforce story.

  2. Identifying new tech: New approaches are being taken to find the right logistics technology solutions and understand technology ROI — 92% say warehouse management systems (WMS) and order management systems (OMS) will supercharge profitability.

  3. Order accuracy: Last year, only 16% of supply chain execs worried about order accuracy; this year, it’s the number-one concern for 40% of respondents.

If these areas are a struggle for you, check out our 3-part series, which goes deeper into each of these uncertainties and how to solve them.