A quick quiz to benchmark your DTC journey with peers

You know that Direct-To-Consumer (DTC) is driving your market. You’ve read there is a change from retail to omnichannel. More customers are going directly to brands, ordering what they want. Operations leaders are acknowledging it, too. 

36% of global leaders see order management as vital for DTC

For 36% of global leaders, an order management system (OMS), which provides agility in these new models, is vital to their customer experience. But that’s the market.

Do you want to adopt these practices or get better at them? Do you know how DTC order management creates business value?

  • Are you pursuing initiatives that help your firm reach more customers in personalized ways, with better experiences and higher returns?
  • Is your Direct-to-Consumer strategy considering what you are already doing right?
  • Do you know which gaps to close for quick wins?

When time is a limited resource and the market moves quickly, it’s easy to invest in the wrong places or miss subtle opportunities.

The markets have shifted, and so has technology

The ability to fulfill orders quickly, accurately, and cost efficiently has become table stakes.

Order management systems are essential to operational excellence with DTC. Legacy inventory execution systems weren’t designed for the bespoke response patterns which DTC consumers demand.

Before you invest in Direct-to-Consumer, how big is the prize?

In a recent study about the rise of Direct-to-Consumer:

  • 89% of respondents experienced significant DTC growth in the last 12 months. 
  • Respondents expect 25-50% of their retail sales will be driven by DTC demand by 2026

Depending on the brand, this is either primary channel growth or a substantial departure from the channels they were engineered to serve.

Order management systems and the Peter Principle

The Peter Principle applies to order management technology the same way it refers to people. Your tech stack was acquired and deployed for the problems of the day. But clinging to outdated practices could mean this is as far as your brand goes.

  • Do you invest in advanced business intelligence to measure the business more accurately and with increased nuance?
  • Do you contract with local shipping carriers and offer delivery windows, same-day, or in-store fulfillment options?
  • Do you optimize the pick process, apply robotics, or seek a blend of owned and 3PL support to make every customer demand happen as expected?

There is no one-size-fits-all roadmap for getting there. You need to assess your current state and get a tailored answer.  

How are YOU gonna get there?

Did you know that 90% of supply chain leaders spent over $1 million to improve their supply chains in 2023, an increase of 24% over the previous year, according to MHI? Of that, 36% will spend over $10 million!

Wouldn’t you like to ensure that you’re putting that money where it’ll create the most value?

Luckily, Deposco has created a simple-to-use DTC Maturity Assessment designed to provide you with a tailored report to remove any ambiguity on where you stand and where your best opportunities are with your Direct-to-Consumer channels.