Is your brand ready for the new and unfamiliar complexities of Direct-to-Consumer (DTC)? What are the strategies for inventory management in DTC helping businesses build closer customer connections, extended reach, and personalized offerings?

Plagued by supply challenges and overstock situations, many brands are reviewing their wholesale partnership models with aggressive plans to grow their DTC models. But the game plan isn’t fully formulated.

Winning with your DTC offering will require looking at the inventory management technologies running point to support this new model. Over, under, around, and everywhere in between.

Strategies for inventory management in DTC

A recent article outlines the benefits of DTC, inventory management strategies, and investment priorities of supply chain leaders who are in high growth mode right now.

Don’t have time to read it? Here are our favorite takeaways:

  • Beating supply chain uncertainty requires new moves and technologies that weren’t in the playbook prior to DTC
  • DTC has changed the rules, the competition, and the considerations for supply chains
  • Legacy inventory management suites have left brands largely helpless in terms of omnichannel fulfillment capabilities
  • DTC order management software that offers real-time inventory management will help you save on labor and satisfy customer demand without significant overstocking/stock-outs

What’s next? We recently released industry research on the global Direct-to-Consumer market to help you improve inventory management in DTC:

Download: The North American DTC market report

Download: The European DTC market report