A big congratulations to our CEO Bill Gibson, who was recognized as one of the Top 50 SaaS CEOs by The Software Report!

If you’re a leader in retail or ecommerce, there’s some great advice in an interview with Bill and RJ Lumba, host of the Growth Investor Podcast. Listen Here:

The Supply Chain Maestro: Deposco CEO Bill Gibson speaks with RJ Lumba

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Understand your customers and adapt

deposco-ceo-bill-gibsonWith many enterprise software company leaders from the ’90s, there are a lot of scars, Bill explained. Brands that made the good decisions around using technology to scale — those are the ones that rose up.

Today, success in SMB/midmarket retail or ecommerce requires moving from traditional challenges. As an entrepreneur, you must commit to technology that helps you understand your customers and align your operations to their modern needs.

Control uncertainty, rise up

Sometimes it’s simply understanding what you can’t control and putting some systems and optimization behind that.

For example, much of the midmarket is playing in Direct-to-Consumer. The transportation infrastructure can’t keep up with it. Huge investments and you still have bottlenecks; how much will you keep investing in uncertainty before you become over-extended?

Companies are still seeing risk and uncertainty on the supply side as well, according to Bill. Supply chains are coming back together after major disruptions in recent years, but there’s still a great deal of uncertainty that must be managed smarter.

Finally, Bill explained that businesses are selling on marketplaces like Shopify without having invested in full transparency to keep up with the opportunities that are right in front of them. The supply challenges are still there (but so are the sales).

While supply is something you can’t control, why not put some optimization behind the warehouse management processes you can control?

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Strategies for scaling high-growth business

Scaling a high-growth retail or ecommerce company requires:

  • Understanding your customers
  • Managing orders
  • Understanding your inventory
  • Ensuring that your operations are flawless

“We’re in the outcomes business first”

Bill invested in and grew Deposco very efficiently, and it’s all about outcomes. You can do heroic work to put together a great product, but that doesn’t mean it will scale. There is a long-term vision and path and you’ve got to have a strong foundation.

“We’re in the outcomes business,” Bill said. “When we work with our customers, if they receive outcomes from working with us, they’re happy. Yes, we are a software company, but we are an outcomes company first and foremost.”

Bill’s inspiring story began in 1993 as an account executive at Manugistics. From there, he went on to Grotech Ventures and then became a Managing Partner at The Albermarle Group. Today Bill Gibson is the CEO of Deposco, a provider of cloud-based supply chain applications for retailers, distributors, 3PLs, and brand companies.

We congratulate all of the Top 50 SaaS CEOs and wish you great success!

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