A 45-day WMS platform implementation? Sign me up! “Self-directed implementations”? Sounds outstanding… Until you realize not all implementations are the same. 

When something’s too good to be true, it usually is. The most misunderstood and value-eroding facts about implementing WMS software are often left out of the sales conversation. 

MSN recently wrote about two common areas that fall into this category. Failure to understand these two nuances frequently harms company growth: 

  1. Self-directed WMS implementations
  2. Rapid go-live (under 2 months)

Before you invest in a WMS platform, you owe it to your business to examine these two areas with a critical eye.

Enterprise visibility does not happen in 45 days

One must look beyond the promised go-live date at the total value delivered – year after year. Outside of Deposco, you won’t find any partner that can integrate a comprehensive supply chain fulfillment platform without acquiring additional solutions for each additional feature.

At Deposco, we invest in what you need, design the way you need it, and deliver what you expect.

Deposco: one WMS platform, out of the box

Deposco’s best-in-breed warehouse management software has 150+ pre-built, native integrations that are fully managed – including Shopify, an extensive shipping carrier set, MHE, and many more. We invest in growing that list every year:

  • Shipping (virtually all carriers)
  • Order Management
  • Fulfillment
  • Purchasing
  • Returns
  • MHE/Robotics
  • Demand forecasting & planning

No data integrations required

These integrations are built on a single codebase, which means no data integration is required, and no need to add more solutions.

That means you can connect with existing systems like ERP and CRM and roll in new capabilities within a single WMS platform that’s truly configurable out of the box.

Not just another signed P.O.

Deposco carefully engineers your solution to your current and future needs – giving your business the ultimate flexibility to grow at the right pace. Which accelerates time-to-value organically, not just fast go-live for a one-and-done implementation.

Take a look at our relationship with Altitude Sports, one of the top outdoor retailers in Canada. 


A partner of Deposco for 7 years running, Altitude continues to see value year after year due to fast, expertly managed support to simplify every step of their growth journey:

  • 30% spike in productivity following implementation.
  • First-to-market with same-day local delivery in Montreal during a 60% influx of orders in 2020.
  • We then implemented an automated put-wall fulfillment strategy, which reduced fulfillment time by an additional 20%. 
  • Similar items for multiple orders can be picked at once and placed in a centralized location where each order can be picked up later from one location. 
  • Following that, Altitude Sports shipped over 1 million packages through Deposco for the year.

Together we continue working on innovative solutions and strategies to support their growth, which is not a priority at most WMS software companies:

Our partnership with Deposco has grown so much over the past 7 years. Looking back, it’s nice to see where we were at the time and where we are today. It still feels like a great decision and a great partnership”.

-Louis Thibault

Director of Operations and Special Projects, Altitude Sports

The only WMS platform you’ll ever need

Deposco knows every customer’s challenges are different. You don’t want to become your own system integrator – You need a partner that doesn’t skip steps, hide costs, or cut corners. One that simplifies the supply chain with rapid time-to-value and a solid WMS platform for growth

We uniquely take responsibility for the critical components in your tech stack, both existing and future state. [ALL of them]:

  • New sales channels (Shopify, WooCommerce, Marketplaces, B2B, Wholesale, Retail stores, etc.)
  • Distributed Order Management (DOM) & order routing for efficient and cost-effective fulfillment
  • Fulfillment – Reduce cost per unit, maximize efficiencies per worker, etc. 
  • Inventory accuracy – Maximize sales & improve working capital
  • Automation (AS/RS, Robotics – for example, Autostore, 6 Rivers, SVT)
  • Replenishment – Remove bottlenecks
  • Shipping – Direct integration with carriers, rate shopping, and cartonization to reduce split shipments and lower costs

Supply Chain Simplified

WMS + Pre-Built Integrations + Order Management and DOM + Supply Chain Planning in one system. Explore Deposco, the industry’s most robust, configurable WMS platform which companies can scale easily. Month after month, year after year.