Investment in the 3PL warehouse management system (WMS) to improve inventory fulfillment, order accuracy, reduce cycle times, and increase visibility for Abacus customers

Ecommerce 3PL Abacus Logistics has selected Deposco’s Bright Warehouse Management Software solution. The investment brings 3PL customers a cutting-edge fulfillment experience that improves accuracy, reduces cycle times, and increases visibility.

Headquartered in Mexico, MO, Abacus Logistics has consistently delivered outstanding service to its clients in the medical device, aerospace and aviation, automotive, military, and consumer goods industries. 

“Selecting a scalable 3PL WMS was a critical decision for Abacus. Our clients have a broad range of channels where their products are ordered, so our technology has to accommodate not only their current needs but offer customizable solutions to support their growth over the next five years and beyond,” said Kevin Cagney, Chief Operating Officer, Abacus Logistics. “We’re always looking for ways to better serve our clients. It’s this mindset of continuous improvement that drives our team forward. Upgrading our suite of WMS and inventory fulfillment technology was the next logical step as we look to the future.”

“Abacus’ collaboration with Deposco represents a significant milestone in our ongoing commitment to delivering the highest quality logistics and 3PL fulfillment services,” continued Cagney. 

Deposco Bright Warehouse streamlines the customer’s 3PL warehouse operations by optimizing inventory fulfillment, picking, putaway, shipping, and returns. With end-to-end control, monitoring, and real-time enterprise visibility, the solution simplifies the complexities facing customers, such as costly order errors, direct-to-consumer (DTC), specialty packaging needs, promotions, and new product launches. With Deposco, Abacus will be able to create custom reporting and dashboards for clients and their teams, enabling more strategic decisions to happen faster. 

“We are committed to helping leading 3PLs like Abacus improve transparency and distribution velocity for their clients,” said Bill Gibson, Chief Executive Officer, Deposco. “Our WMS solutions are uniquely architected to help 3PLs navigate periods of extreme customer demand and drive profitable growth.”

In September, Deposco released the findings from a July 2023 survey of 3PL/4PL firms, retailers, and wholesalers regarding their top challenges, priorities, and predictions for Peak Season. The survey, featuring insights from more than 350 US and European supply chain executives, revealed:

Confidence in one’s current technology to drive profit growth during peak season was 9 times greater among Deposco customers than the non-Deposco users surveyed. 

Visit “Navigating Peak Season 2023: North American Supply Chain Leaders’ Top Strategies & Priorities,” to download the full research and market analysis. 

About Deposco

Deposco’s Bright Suite of omnichannel fulfillment supply chain applications enable fast-growing companies to rapidly scale their warehouse management and order management system operations. Bright Suite helps Deposco customers see what inventory they’ve got, where it is, and where to position it to fulfill demand when It’s Grow Time™. It’s the only solution that provides this much actionable insight into both your supply chain and the broader marketplace. Deposco makes supply chain fulfillment simple, fast, and always forward.

About Abacus Logistics

Abacus Logistics is the trusted third-party logistics provider with a strategically located facility in the central United States, reaching 95% of the US population in two days via ground shipping. Our team of logistics professionals have decades of experience serving clients in all industries ranging from consumer goods, aerospace & defense, critical medical supplies, to machinery & equipment, and many more.