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A Shopify warehouse management system integration that empowers you to make more, keep more. Deposco's Shopify WMS is a Shopify logistics integration that puts all your inventory fulfillment systems in one modern solution that grows with you.

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WMS for Shopify

Stop profit loss caused by systems that don’t talk to each other, or cannot keep pace. Shopify OMS + WMS integrations by Deposco connect your financial systems (ERP) and back-end processes, pushing orders seamlessly with a complete financial picture of growth.

One integrated OMS and WMS solution for Shopify makes it super simple to manage the systems you use now while adding future ones later with less risk. Users can easily see, manage, validate, and interpret data for top speed, savings, and customer experience.

Featured Benefits

Simplify direct-to-consumer (DTC) retail and make peak season predictable. Automated workflows and communicate flawlessly with Shopify. No lag and no more missing, late, or wrong orders. Build for future growth and multichannel complexities, free of operational strain.

System-directed strategies empower staff to fulfill more orders faster without staffing up. Enable intelligent allocation, wave/batch picking, order routing by priority, staging for QC, and automated rate shopping. Track individual performance, eliminate errors, and onboard new staff in minutes.

Eliminate bottlenecks and errors in receiving, put-away, picking, packing/shipping, cycle counts, tracking, and returns when you need to expand warehouse locations. Introduce global fulfillment options. Easily meet large retailers’ B2B wholesale requirements. Offload DTC retail fulfillment; maybe even become your own 3PL.

Fulfill online demand in physical storefronts with 100% enterprise visibility. Empower store associates with real-time data to handle Buy Online Pickup in Store (BOPIS) / Buy Online Return in Store (BORIS) with the same speed and precision of your warehouses.

Speed delivery with +99% order accuracy. Minimize customer churn, returns, and other risk factors. Custom reporting and analytics take the guesswork out of what to sell, meet new consumer preferences, manage suppliers easier, and be first to market with new products/services.

Change technology as quickly as consumers change their minds. A true cloud platform that lets you configure new capabilities you just don’t have time to build or hire out. Onboard third-party applications and roll in functionality to support new methods of selling, sourcing, and moving products, in a matter of 90 days – without switching platforms.

Deposco integrations for Shopify

Deposco leverages the Shopify Rest API to integrate with Shopify, ensuring the most reliable connection and data flow between all your supply chain applications.

Deposco’s WMS integration for Shopify lets you pull in data including item (SKU), sales order, customer return, and inventory sync for virtual facilities. Send ship notice and inventory sync data from Deposco to Shopify. So users can see, manage, validate, and interpret data for top speed, savings, and customer experience.

Popular WMS workflows for Shopify

Item (SKU) integrations

Pull items on a schedule or based on certain events in the Shopify system. Configure and map your Shopify integration by specific criteria, such as weight and pack type.

Sales Orders

Create and easily manage incoming sales orders or multi-line customer orders that require order management and distributed order management (DOM). Options to show Shopify status (open, canceled), financial status (payment, refunds), shipment info and more.

Customer Returns / RMA

Quickly pull order details from Shopify for easy customer returns. The system also pulls in Shopify risk management information for each order and stores it as notes.

Ship Notice

Automatically push ship notice/shipment confirmations to Shopify for fulfillment and inventory sync. Give customers fast, accurate updates on their orders, saving dozens of emails and phone calls.

Inventory Sync

Outgoing inventory automatically updates to Shopify to prevent selling inventory that isn’t there, or inaccurate inventory levels on your storefront.

Inventory Sync from Virtual Facilities

For incoming orders, inventory syncs with external partners’ systems, such as a 3PL or drop shipper. Syncs with discount codes, gift card info, and ship-from Location ID – allowing you to sell more products in different ways or sell without owning the inventory.

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