Deposco WMS + NetSuite

Get your finance, sales, and inventory systems talking to each other. Through these easy connections, your warehouse management system can do what it was built to do, without a platform change.

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WMS for NetSuite

Why just account for growth when you can continuously improve it? The benefits of WMS for NetSuite pay off immediately. A real-time picture of everything impacting your bottom line, in a flexible cloud WMS solution that grows with you.

Featured Benefits

No more missing, late, or incorrect orders because of systems that don’t talk to each other. Connect all your locations and systems with flawless data exchange to/from NetSuite, and updates in real time.

Eliminate bottlenecks and errors in receiving, put-away, picking, packing/shipping, cycle counts, tracking, and returns. Integrate advanced barcoding, custom label generation, kitting, receipts, and automatic confirmations back to Netsuite.

System-directed strategies empower staff to fulfill more orders faster and better. Enable intelligent allocation, wave/batch picking, order routing by priority, staging for QC, and automated rate shopping. Track individual performance and onboard new staff in minutes.

Because IT decisions should be driven by market needs, NOT business limitations. A true SaaS platform that lets you configure new capabilities you just don’t have time to build or hire out. Roll in order management integrations for new methods of selling, sourcing, and moving products – with new partners onboarded very rapidly.

Deposco integrations for NetSuite

Leveraging the NetSuite SuiteTalk web services, Deposco’s NetSuite WMS integration offers multiple interfaces, ensuring the most reliable data flow between the two applications. So users can see, manage, validate, and interpret a wide variety of data with speed and confidence

Popular WMS workflows for NetSuite

Advanced Item Lookup, Serial & Bin Tracking

Create channel lookups with serial and bin tracking. Pull items from NetSuite into Deposco by item, lot and serial number, customer, and trading partner.

Order Integrations

Create order-related interfaces for sales orders, POs, customer returns (RMAs), transfer orders, invoices, vendor return authorizations, and inbound ASNs.

Inventory Integrations

Outgoing interfaces from Deposco let you create inventory adjustments and transfers to better manage quantity and location of stock in NetSuite.

Kit and Work Order Management (WOM) Integrations

Incoming interfaces from NetSuite let you create kit items, headers, details, and work orders to build in Deposco. System sends an assembly build back to NetSuite when a work order is done.

Custom Acknowledgements

Create custom fields and pull NetSuite records into Deposco for sales orders, POs, RMAs, inbound/outbound transfers, workorders, kit/BOM.


Create cross-references and lookups to validate the data exchange. Map by shipping service, facility, location, zone, adjustment account, etc.

Customer & Vendor Integrations

Pull records from NetSuite to create customer/trading partner interfaces in Deposco. Configure how often data is pulled in and where it goes.

NetSuite for Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Include custom NetSuite fields required for SPS Commerce or TrueCommerce when pulling sales order, ship notice, or package information.

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