Bright Basics

Inventory management system for SMB

Streamline warehouse operations for significant growth and savings. The Bright Basics warehouse management system is for growing SMB businesses to streamline fulfillment operations by optimizing inventory, fulfillment, receiving, picking, shipping, and returns.

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Growth in outbound volume

"I am not sure what I will need from a WMS five years from now, but seeing the type of companies that work with Deposco, I am confident that Deposco will outlive my tenure at Gunner."

An inventory management system designed with growth in mind

Seamlessly scale

Bright Basics provides growing businesses with the functionality needed now at an affordable price with no hidden costs—meaning the price remains the same as you grow, increasing your profitability! As your business scales, upgrade to Bright Suite, a more robust solution, without undergoing a costly implementation with an unknown outcome. Easily pull in historical data all on the same user-friendly interface. From a one-warehouse operation to an enterprise operation, Deposco Bright Suite supports businesses through the life of the business.

Learn how to seamlessly scale

Refine warehouse processes

Support operations and gain full visibility within the warehouse. With unlimited users, there is no penalty for growth, increasing your margin even more. Bright Basics enables you to establish best practices such as:

  • Automated waving
  • Location assignment
  • Priority waving
  • Cycle counting
  • Batch picking
  • Batch packing

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Track and report analytics

Build reporting around processes such as cycle counts, receiving, and inbound and outbound shipments to track progress. Bright Basics generates packing slips and communicates with your ERP system so all order details are recorded, sent, and tracked accurately.

Connect to other platforms

With prebuilt integrations to most ERPs, CRMs, shipping carriers/platforms, and marketplaces, Bright Basics centralizes all inventory information in one location. No more worries about disparate systems!

Connect to new and existing platforms

Seamlessly scale with a single technology platform

  • No hidden costs
  • Unlimited users
  • Upgrade vs. migrate
  • 100% visibility within the warehouse
  • Automated pick, pack, and ship
  • Easily handle returns
  • 40+ pre-built integrations
  • Flexible, multiple-carrier shipping
  • Report builder and dashboards
  • Retailer label packaging

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