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Bright Suite

Omni-Channel Fulfillment Applications




Bright Suite
Our Bright Suite of applications offer e-commerce, retail and omni-channel capabilities, that improve service levels and reduce operational costs.
  • Bright Order

    DOM & Order Management


In-network Order Sourcing

Determine the optimal fulfillment location – DC, store, or drop ship partner- for each order based on available inventory, end customer location, and delivery times.

Inventory Allocation

Reserve inventory for a customer order from any network location by removing items from on hand stock and allocating them to the specific sales order.

Automated Order Entry

Capture orders from all your sales channels and automatically create a corresponding sales order directly into QuickBooks or your ERP system.

Inventory Management

Monitor and manage inventory levels at all locations and segment stock by channel or business unit.

  • Bright Warehouse

    WMS & Inventory Mgmt.



Manage receipt of goods against PO or ASN, barcoding, labeling, disposition of goods, Quality Control & Compliance, cross docking, and returns.


Dictate system directed putaway, user directed putaway, stock replenishments, and cross dock putaway.

Inventory Management

Manage all inventory processes inside your warehouse, including cycle and physical counting, tracking, consume & add, location replenishment, quality control, and VAS.

Picking & Fulfillment

Optimize picking strategies – batch, bulk, case/pallet, waveless picking – and stage orders for packing stations and retail labeling and palletization.

Warehouse Management

Allocate orders in DCs, generate backorders, workgroup assignments, pick tasks, and RTVs.


Directly integrate to parcel and local carriers and LTLs, calculate dimensional weight, rate shop, generate shipping labels and documentation, and track.

  • Bright Source

    Sourcing & Fulfillment


Replenishment Orders

Generate automatic replenishment orders from suppliers to your warehouse as well as facilitate replenishment orders from your warehouse to your stores.

Drop Ship Management

Route orders to drop ship partners for fulfillment, while managing vendor Purchase Order creation, shipping, alerts, and more.

Cross-Dock Management

Identify cross-dock opportunities for faster, more cost-effective order fulfillment.

Vendor Management

With extended inventory visibility to include your vendors, you can track vendor SKUs and price shop across multiple vendors.

  • Bright Store

    Retail Point of Sale



Extend inventory visibility and fulfillment capabilities beyond your warehouse to your physical stores so you can pick, pack, and ship orders right from the store.

Point of Sale

Utilize a modern POS which provides advanced features, such as inventory management, CRM, financials, warehousing, etc. all built into the software.

Store Operations

Manage in-store receiving, inventory, transfers, and backroom procedures.

  • Bright Performance

    Analytics & Reporting


Track Performance

Capture real-time data, such as order count, fill rate, backorders and mis-ships in order to benchmark, track, and gauge the performance of your overall operation.

Customized Reporting

Build custom reports for any aspect of your business and have them automatically sent to the right parties – managers, operations, customers, suppliers, and more.


Generate detailed reports and set up automated alerts and notifications relating to performance, sales, inventory, financial, processes, and more.

  • Bright Socket

    Software Integrations


Enterprise Integration

Integrate and streamline data flows between your e-commerce, marketplace, accounting and marketing systems. Deposco has significant experience integrating to all popular marketplaces and accounting systems like Amazon, eBay, NetSuite and QuickBooks.

Fast and Easy to Implement

Configure Socket connections quickly on web-based integration portal. Packaged Socket integrations implemented in hours or days, not weeks or months.

Warehouse Automation

Automate warehouse processes by integrating Deposco to material handling equipment such as pick-to-light and sortation systems.

Open API’S

Service Oriented Architecture exposes flexible integration points that are ready for any integration need, documented on the Deposco Developer site.