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Deposco’s Bright Suite is a Cloud-based, Order Management and Fulfillment Software Application set that Optimizes Supply Chain Operations.

Bright Suite

Omni-Channel Fulfillment Solution

Bright Suite

Our Bright Suite offers e-commerce, retail and omni-channel capabilities, that drive revenue growth, improve service levels and reduce operational costs. Learn More


Connecting the Dots

Linking Deposco to other trusted pieces of software you use for ecommerce, accounting, or shipping is simple. View more of our third-party integration points.

Case Studies

Featured Success Stories

Why are so many businesses choosing Deposco? Learn More

Central Vacuum Stores
Clearwater, FL
Deposco increased Central Vacuum’s inventory visibility, operational efficiency, and space utilization while catering to operational requirements and budget.

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OneStop Internet
Los Angeles, CA
Deposco’s fulfillment solution, coupled with increased inventory visibility and accuracy, set the stage for Onestop’s drastic growth in e-commerce fulfillment.

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