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Ya Ya Creations

Deposco’s automated Inventory and Order Management functionality increased the efficiency of Ya Ya Creations' inbound and outbound processes.

Ya Ya Creations

Ya Ya Creations Inc is a retailer and supplier of party supplies headquartered in City of Industry, CA. Founded in 2006, the company has grown into one of the largest in its industry and now also operates under the names of eFavorMart.com and Favormart. In less than a decade, owner, Mitch Su, has grown Ya Ya Creations into a $20M empire and like many business owners, did so with his own blood, sweat, and tears.

The Challenges

With the success of its sales channels, including corporate e-commerce sites, marketplaces, like Ebay and Amazon, and ChannelAdvisor, Ya Ya Creations order volume quickly outpaced the abilities of it supporting backend technology, namely Microsoft Excel. Excel sheets were not providing the automated flow of data between sales channels and operations necessary to establish inventory visibility and enable quick processing of customer orders. Instead, data had to be manually downloaded, transferred, and uploaded at each touch point of the order fulfillment process.

Further compounding the company’s reliance on manual processes, was the fact that none of the inventory in Ya Ya Creations’ 150,000 sq ft warehouse was barcoded or labeled. This meant order pickers picked by sight alone. To compensate, products were picked in bulk during a single picking tour and then sorted at the packing stations. The company’s picking and packing processes were no longer sustainable.

Without barcoded stock and an Inventory Management System in place, Ya Ya Creations also had difficulty tracking merchandise and maintaining appropriate stock levels. The company sources its merchandise directly from manufacturers in Asia, so the lack of inventory visibility coupled with long delivery lead times often resulted in overstock and stock-out scenarios.

The Solutions

The flexibility of Deposco’s supply chain software platform ultimately sealed the deal for Ya Ya Creations. To ensure a competitive edge over its competitors, Ya Ya Creations’ strategy was to remain open and continuously test products, e-commerce sites, and marketplaces to see which ones performed the best. Unlike the rigid architecture of other competitors, Deposco offered a solution that could quickly scale up and down as needed. With Deposco, Ya Ya Creations was able to integrate to over 8 vendors, including:

  • Volusion
  • Magento
  • ChannelAdvisor
  • Network Solutions
  • eBay
  • Amazon

Based on product feedback and sales volume, they were able to identify their top performing products and channels and focus their sales efforts around these.

The Benefits

By leveraging Deposco’s automated Inventory and Order Management functionalities, Ya Ya Creations has also dramatically increased the efficiency of its inbound and outbound processes. With Deposco, receivers are now empowered with the knowledge of when orders will be shipped, which items are being shipped, how much of an item is being shipped, how is the shipment unitized, and which mode of transportation is being used along with carrier details. By introducing best practices to the organization and automating processes within the warehouse, Deposco has helped Ya Ya Creations streamline their operations, balance workloads, make informed purchasing decisions, and above all meet the ever-growing demands of their customers.

The Deposco Difference
  • 8

    Vendor Integrations
  • 80+

    Orders Per Warehouse Run
  • 300%

    Increase in Throughput


Ya Ya Creations


Industry, CA

Company Size

11-50 Employees