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Swiss Watch International

Moving to Deposco allowed Swiss Watch International to scale their operations as needed and successfully manage fluctuating order volumes.

Swiss Watch International

With over thirty years of experience, The SWI Group: Swiss Watch International (SWI) is one of the largest international distributors of watches and consumer goods. Originally a family owned and operated business headquartered in South Florida the company has grown exponentially and operates a number of e-commerce sites including,,, and specializing in category sales for watches, apparel and footwear, handbags and accessories, as well as home goods. In addition to its e-commerce business, SWI is a leading distributor for other major online retailers and sells through marketplaces and flash-sales sites.

The Challenges

Prior to implementing Deposco, SWI was using Great Plains, primarily an ERP system, to manage their inventory. This resulted in a predominantly paper-based warehouse environment without automated processes to manage stock movements. Not only was this process a limiting factor to SWI’s growth capabilities, but also their warehouse inventory layout and visibility. As it stood, inventory was divided into two primary locations, one mainly for bulk inventory and wholesale, and the other for fully assembled, ready-to-sell items. Without stock visibility at the SKU level, pickers were required to search through each brand section to find the exact item to be picked. As SWI grew and added more pickers to the warehouse, this process proved to be extremely inefficient and difficult to grasp quickly.

The Solutions

Deposco’s Bright Warehouse provided SWI with the technology they needed to become a scalable organization. Bright Warehouse now orchestrates quality control, receiving, putaway, five types of picking, packing and three types of shipping. With Deposco’s inventory management system in place, SWI was able to standardize more operational processes around receiving, labeling and drop shipping as well. They now receive against purchase orders, label wholesale boxes, print carton labels and create drop-ship packing slips.

The Benefits

All in all, Deposco helped organize SWI’s operations making them more efficient and scalable. The most significant efficiency gains were seen within their new order picking processes. The first major hurdle to achieve this was generating barcodes and labeling the thousands of products and locations in the warehouse. This enabled them to scan each item in inventory and track all stock movements.

Not only have efficiency gains enabled SWI to reduce their overall workforce, they are now able to better utilize their existing warehouse staff during peak seasons. On average SWI fulfills 2,500 orders per day; however, during peak times order volumes can reach over 10,000 per day. In December 2013, for example, SWI fulfilled over 420,000 units. With Deposco in place, SWI can now scale their operations as needed and successfully manage fluctuating order volumes.

Another major benefit of Deposco’s solution stems from the Bright Performance application. Bright Performance, Deposco’s business intelligence tool, tracks and gauges the performance of SWI’s overall operation by capturing real-time data, such as order count, fill rate, backorders and mis-ships. It also ties into their ERP system, Great Plains. SWI runs over 60 reports on a daily basis and uses these metrics to drive decisions regarding their operations. With a granular view of the fulfillment and inventory side of their operations, Swiss Watch is now equipped with the information to better manage the remaining aspects of their business.

The Deposco Difference
  • 60

    Daily Reports Generated
  • 99%

    Overall Order Accuracy
  • 425K

    Orders Per Month


Swiss Watch International


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